If culture dies, doesn’t society die with it?

New media is important in todays world and with it the meaning of film culture has not only grown but become a significant part of todays society.

Throughout centuries music connects people. It connects them despite language or political borders, music is an important part of film culture.

Our complex society has got many talents living in it, we want to offer them an independent platform were they can tell exciting and strong stories through film and music.



Stella and the Storks
written and directed by Sheri Hagen
At Second Glance
written and directed by Sheri Hagen
Motherhood (AT)
Accompanying film to the treatment 'Motherhood‘ (AT)

In cooperation with the Gunda Werner Institute at the Heinrich Böll Stiftung e.V

Simply Different
written and directed by Sheri Hagen
Blue Window
written Zoe and Sheri Hagen, directed by Sheri Hagen




in financing
a dramedy

Nina and Angie, two socially deprived single mothers accidentally become bank robbers. This new situation confronts them with their own spiritual abyss and puts their friendship to the test.


"Butterflies In Your Belly"

in development

a romantic comedy


"Motherhood" (WT)

in development
a dramedy

Berlin. A gay Israeli decides to become the father of his own genetic offspring and sends his sperm across the globe. Two women and a man are transformed by the ensuing fragmentation of motherhood.

Berlin, Johannesburg, Mumbai,
three continents, three destinies, one interweaving.



Conversion is necessary as the renewal of the leaves in spring
van Gogh


June 2021


09 - 20. 06. 21 in the program ‚Fiktionbescheinigung‘
Our thanks to the jury for the selection!


March 2021

AT SECOND GLANCE - on tour -virtual

March 1: University of Victoria


February 2021

AT SECOND GLANCE - on tour -virtual

February 6 + 7 Cambridge University

Berlin Artist Funding 2021 for Sheri Hagen,
for film project MOTHERHOOD!


January 2021

AT SECOND GLANCE - on tour -virtual

January 21 Colorado College
January 29 University of Michigan



December 2020

At Second Glance - on virtual tour.

December 1: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
December 2: University of Maryland
December 3: Northwestern University;
December 4: Wellesley College


November 2020

At Second Glance - on virtual tour.

November 4: Texas Tech University
November 5: University of Massachusetts Amherst
November 9: University of Louisville
November 10: Wesleyan University brr> November 11: University of Minnesota
November 19: IUPUI
November 20: Kalamazoo College


October 2020

At Second Glance - on virtual tour.

October 8: Sonoma State University
October 13: Kenyon College
October 14: University of North Texas
October 16 + 17: WIG - Women in German conference 2020
October 19: Emory University
October 20: University of Georgia
October 21: University of Richmond
October 24: Hanover College
October 25: Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies (GICS)
October 30: University of Tennessee;


September 2020

At Second Glance - on virtual tour.

September 17: Brandeis University
September 29: Lawrence University and Davidson


April 13th 2019

2 pm, Screening „At Second Glance“ at Schauburg 2 in Dortmund,
Maxa Zoller in discussion with director Sheri Hagen.


February 2nd and March 11th 2019

8 pm, Screening „At Second Glance“ at Lichtblick Cinema:
Kastanienallee 77
10435 Berlin


November 15th - November 25th 2018

“Blue Window“ at the 67. Int. Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg


June 23rd 2018

"At Second Glance" at tiff Toronto/bGHRA - Transnational Perspectives on Black Germany


6. - 10. Juni 2017

"Blue Window" at the 28th IFF Emden-Norderney in competition.



Friendship is a soul in two bodies

Uwe Janson

Hardy Brackmann

ZAV Berlin



The pubic have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing.
Oscar Wilde


NDR - Regiedebütantin bricht Kino-Konventionen - Kultur - Kino & Film
08. Oktober 2013


Sehen und Gesehenwerden
Wo fängt Blindheit an? Mit dem Film "Auf den zweiten Blick" will Sheri Hagen Sehgewohnheiten erweitern
Berliner Zeitung • Nummer 237 • Freitag, 11 Oktober 2013


Auf den zweiten Blick
...gewinnt den Preis des 4. Kirchlichen Filmfestivals Recklinghausen
Laudatio von Stadt- und Kreisdechant Probst Jürgen Quante


Fenster Blau
Die Pressemappe


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